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Our commitment for your and our safety

The purpose of this common regulatory protocol is to provide operational guidance aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the precautionary containment measures taken to combat the COVID-19 epidemic .

All measure have been adopted according to the following precautionary approach and prescriptions issued by:

Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers issued on March 8th, March 9th and 11th, April 10th and April 26th 2020;

"Common Regulatory Protocol for the Containment of the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace";"

Operative guidelines for the safety of non-healthcare workers" issued by Veneto Region on April 24th 2020;

Ministry of Health;

Ordinance by the President of the Regional Council for the implementations of urgent measures to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19 issued on April 24th, April 27th and May 3rd 2020.

General provisions:

the maximum use by companies of remote working arrangements for activities that can be carried out at home or at a distance; 

the encouragement of paid holidays and leaves for employees as well as of other instruments provided for by collective bargaining; 

the suspension of the activities of company departments that are not essential to production; 

the adoption of anti-contagion safety protocols and, where it is not possible to respect the interpersonal distance of one meter as the main containment measure, the adoption of individual protection equipment; 

the encouragement of sanitation operations in the workplace, also through the use of social shock absorbers for this purpose; 

for productive activities only, the maximum limitation of movements within the sites and the limitation of access to common areas; 

for productive activities only, the encouragement of agreements between employer and trade union organizations;

for all non-suspended activities, the maximum use of remote working solutions.

General operative guidelines for the prevention and protection of individuals:

it's necessary to provide a proper information about all preventions measures;

it's recommend to monitor the body temperature with a thermo scanner and forbid the access to workplace in case of fever (over 37.5°C).  In case of flu symptoms, it's necessary to call the family doctor or the Health Authority;

the awareness and acceptance of the fact of not being able to enter or remain in the property and of having to declare it promptly if, even after the entry, dangerous conditions exist (flu symptoms, temperature, coming from areas at risk of contact with people positive for the virus in the previous 14 days, etc.) in which the measures of the Authority require to inform the family doctor and the Health Authority and to stay at home. In case of dangerous conditions, the worker must be isolated and be equipped with a face mask.

the staff must be informed about the measure to adopt to protect themselves and the community;

the staff should be able to inform guests about all prevention measures adopted by the hotel;

the Management is committed to organize informative briefings to monitor the implementations of all measures in order to improve them in case of need.

Access modalities for workers and guests:

before entering the workplace, staff and guests may be required to undergo a body temperature check . If this temperature exceeds 37.5°C, access to the hotel shall not be permitted; 

it's forbidden the access to the property to those subjected to quarantine;

the access to persons previously tested positive for Covid-19 must be allowed only if they have been tested negative twice within 24 hours. The official communication concerning the medical results must be forward to the Hotel;

workers and guests must access the hotel by the main entrance (Castello 4187);

receptionists will measure the temperature every time someone access the hotel (workers external suppliers and guests);

in case of fever (over 37.5°C), the family doctor or the Health Authority must be alerted; 

temperature eligibility must be written down in a register kept in the Reception;

it's not allowed the access to the property to those who have stayed, in the last 14 days, in countries at risk, or in contact with persons tested positive for Covid-19;

in case of flu symptoms, the person must immediately alert the Management who will immediately contact the Health Authority.

Measures to adopt inside the hotel:

sanitize or wash the hands frequently for at least 40-60 seconds every time you touch an object or a common surface;

avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth without washing hands first;

always keep a safe distance;

avoid shaking hands and hugging;

always wear a face mask and rubber gloves;

avoid entering in contact with persons with symptoms;

cover your nose and mouth every time you cough or sneeze with a tissue or with your elbow;

avoid social gatherings or meetings;

ventilate all spaces frequently;

clean and sanitize common areas several times a day.

Individual protection equipments

Face mask

Rubber gloves

It's mandatory to wear a face mask inside the hotel, both for workers and guests. 

It's mandatory to wear rubber gloves in case you touch common object or surfaces.

The hotel provides face masks both to workers and guests.

NB: Specific bins for face mask and rubber gloves have been placed inside the hotel and restaurant.

Hand sanitizer machines and washing hands

Automatic hand sanitizer machines have been placed inside the hotel and restaurant;

it's highly recommended to sanitize or wash hands several times a day despite the use of rubber gloves;


Plexiglass protection barriers have been placed on the Front Desk to keep a safe distance between the guest and the receptionist.


Every guestroom has been disinfected and sanitized with a 70%-alcoholic solution in order to guarantee your safety before the check-in;

furniture objects and carpets have been removed;

mini-bar products (such as snacks) have been packed in a plastic bag.


Sanitize your hands before getting into the elevator;

get in alone or, at most, with a travelling companion;

it's highly recommended to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Gym and sauna

Sanitize your hands before getting into the elevator;

get in alone or, at most, with a travelling companion;

it is mandatory to reserve your entrance at the front desk.


Reservation is highly recommended;

a safe distance must be kept between table;

the staff will wash or sanitize their hands frequently during the service;

ventilate the room several times a day;

sanitize and disinfect tables and chairs;

use of qr code for the menu;

single-use placemats.

Entrance and exit

we set up an entrance and exit door in order to always keep a safe distance between guests.


Guests may be required to undergo a body temperature check;

staggered check-ins to avoid a crowded hall;

set up of an entrance and exit door to keep a safe distance;

guests may be required to fill a form to auto-certificate his/her well-being:

undertake standard check-in procedures avoiding direct contact with guests;

sanitize the room key card before delivering it to guests;

sanitize the front desk several times a day.


staggered check-outs to avoid a crowded hall;

recommend contactless payment with credit cards.


Every day we are committed to:

1. keeping a preventive behavior to guarantee the respect of the hygiene and safety protocols;

2. sanitizing rooms after the check-out to ensure to the next guest a safe and hygienic environment;

3. cleaning and sanitizing common areas several times a day;

4. guaranteeing and enforcing social distancing;

5. sanitizing all high-touch surfaces several times a day;

6. offering hand sanitizer dispenser placed in all common areas;

7. ventilating all spaces frequently;

8. providing our guest with single-use rubber gloves and face masks;

9. keeping a safe distance between tables in the restaurant;

10. giving our guests a warm welcome as always.

Please click here in order to see our full internal Covid protocol.

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