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is a Gothic-style palace. The current building was largely built from 1309 to 1424, on its 9th century original, perhaps designed by Filippo Calendario. Giovanni and Bartolomeo Buon created the so-called Porta della Carta, the monumental late-Gothic entrance on the side of the palace facing the square. The palace was the seat of the Doge and contained the offices of numerous political institutions. On the first floor were legal offices: the Records, Census and Naval Offices. On the second floor were the Grand Council Chamber, the Ballot Chamber and the Doge’s Apartments. The third floor housed the College Hall (decorated with paintings including ones of various Doges and "Lepanto" by Paolo Veronese) where foreign ambassadors were received. There were rooms used by government bodies like the Council of Ten. The building also contained the Compass Room, where citizens could present written complaints, The Room of the Three Heads of the Council of Ten and the State Inquisitor’s Chamber. Perhaps the most spectacular room is the Grand Council Chamber, which was originally a meeting room for the legislative body. This large space has walls and floors covered in paintings, especially portraits of Doges, but an enormous artwork entitled "Paradise" by Tintoretto, is considered the largest canvas painting ever created. Another vast room is the Ballot Chamber, with more portraits of Doges and other interesting works, including "Lepanto" by Andrea Vicentino. To the rear of the building is the Bridge of Sighs that connects the Doge’s Palace to the prisons.

Rooms with a view

Rooms with a view

The jewel in the crown of Hotel Savoia & Jolanda is the view that can be enjoyed from the lagoon-facing building, where our junior suites are located, but also the magnificent Campo San Zaccaria where you can see the Renaissance church from many of our rooms.

Book our boats

At disposal of our guests a beautiful wooden boat, ideal for transfers and special occasions to celebrate in the Venice Lagoon.
Book now with our concierge a transfer or a tour with our boats.

trattoria la Madonna - Ristorante Principessa

To delight the palate

The Rado family, the hotel owners, boast decades of traditional restaurant experience and also offer guests:
The Trattoria alla Madonna, located near the Rialto Market. The Principessa restaurant, next door to the hotel, has a wonderful terrace overlooking the lagoon.